Why this site on Kombucha and Water Kefir grains    

This website is a spin off from our dedicated Kombucha website, www.kombucha.co.nz  as we found over time that many of the people interested in Kombucha were interested in other fermented beverages as well and Water Kefir is a great addition alongside Kombucha to anyone's lifestyle and drinks regime.


We have personally been making and drinking Kombucha now for over several years and was first told about it by a friend in the natural health industry. With the growing understanding and production of fermented foods/drinks we were keen to give it a go and haven't looked back.

Not long after we came across Water Kefir and when a new friend just up the road offered us some grains to give it a try, we got hooked real quick. With a wider range of probiotics than Kombucha and as much room for flavour experimentation as kombucha we figured it could only be a great companion for our Kombucha brews.

The art of brewing our own "Home Made Red Bull" as David calls it is is a fascinating and rewarding exercise that we believe is rewarding both our health and our wallets (by not buying drinks at the shops). While we have never drunk many shop bought fizzy drinks anyway, we now buy them even more rarely as drinking Kombucha, Tibicos, Tepache etc is a whole lot cheaper, tastier and better for you in every way.


If you want to learn more about why to make and drink naturally fermented beverages and their many claimed health benefits, then please follow the links on the left to learn about the many tasty options we have available to us all these days.

If you are looking for somewhere to obtain Water Kefir Grains or a Kombucha culture or 'Scoby' so you can make your own, then you can purchase Kefir Grains or a kombucha Scoby here.

Otherwise enjoy the read and info on this little site and we wish you all the fun and best of health if you choose to delve into the fine art of making your own Healthy Brews.

David and Claire Smile